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) tech tools recently that enable teachers to take favorite clips and make them more valuable for educational use.Whether you use videos to flip your classroom or you just appreciate the power of video to engage kids, maybe one of the tools in my playlist below will help you go deeper this school year.Watch amateur girls perform from their homes all over the world!

Among the many advantages of digital marketing, the top-rated ones are a level-playing field for competitors regardless of size, reduced cost, measurable results, sustainable brand development, wider exposure, and greater audience engagement through interactive actions—as indicated by 5 interactive advertising trends for 2015 As the world of evolving technology, along with digital marketing and social media continue to affect consumer behavior and digital advertising practices, the businesses that fail to adapt to this technological evolution are at risk of losing out.

According to 10 Online Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2015, a marked increase in hyper-segmentation of audience markets, where “personalized story telling” is the core selling strategy, will result in online advertising embracing best video chats and live video conferencing technologies to deliver custom storyboards with minimal time and cost investments.

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I'd hazard a guess that the popularity of the flipped classroom idea is one of the drivers of this renaissance of tools to make videos more flexible and useful for teachers, but any teacher could find a way to use this kind of functionality to add value for learners.