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Bridging the Digital Divide And Albert Foundation - Dir/Cam: Tunji Akinsehinwa (online) Ghana From The Other Side of the Sea - Quico Arte Expansion - Camera Dir: Javier Camarasa Senegal/Spain (Broadcast on Spanish/French TV) This is Lagos - Commonwealth Broadcast Assoc, DFID /NPM Prod/Co-writer/Camera - Nigeria (NTA Broadcast) Hells Highway WW2 Reflections/Labyrinth Media Cam Op - Dir: Richard Lanni (DVD) The St Reatham Afristocracy Dir: Omari Bryran Sitcom pilot for Channel 4 The Turtle and the Nightingale Igneous Productions Dir: Gershon Hinkson (HBO) Night Fishing - A Shot In The Dark Productions & Screen Yorkshire Dir: Joe Hepworth Laters - UK Film Council/Arts Council of England/B3 Media Dir: Jillian Li-Sue (festival) BAFTA 2012 Variety Magazine and Live and Global Camera operator (broadcast 190 countries online) Landmark Global Branding - Live programme from UK to Israel Landmark Education (live broadcast link to Israel) The History of African - Caribbean Music in Leeds and Huddersfield -Commission from Huddersfield Education Authority The Culture of Bullfighting - Kodak/ University of Westminster - Spain Inside Bollywood- Commission from The British Film Institute - India Travels around Cuba (personal project) Cuba Associate Lecturer in Cinematography Northern Film School Leeds, UK TV Production workshop for non-production staff Pan Atlantic University Lagos, Nigeria Facilitator/Trainer in Cinematography ITPAN & Panasonic - Lagos, Nigeria Master Class in Documentary filmmaking Intl Documentary Film Festival, Lagos, Nigeria Video production tutor East Surrey College of Higher Education Surrey, UK Freelance Cinematography Tutor & Panel Tutor Central Film School London, UK Lecturer in cinematography - Salford University, Manchester, UK Camera/Lighting Trainer - L' Ouverture/Dept for Children, Schools and Families London, UK 2014 Ojuju Best Nigerian feature at the African International Film Festival 2004 ' Laters' Best Cinematography Award.

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