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It's been 2 days and I'm still noticing blood on the toilet paper & still experiencing that feeling of needing to go use the restroom 24/7. I am so scared I might be pregnant and It is hard to tell if I missed a period or not because I cannot keep track of my period. My friend told me maybe the condom was irritating my skin so I developed rash and when I masturbated, it must have scratched the rash or something. It sounded right because I never really use a condom in my past relationships which is probably why this never happened before. I have tried to recreate or do all the things I did that night. Monday, during school, I suddenly have that feeling where I need to go to the restroom but I know that I'll still feel like going, even after peeing already. And when I wipe, I notice brownish blood on the toilet paper. 21 Answers me and my boyfriend have only had oral sex, but a few days after he fingered me and ate me out, I had the urge to pee a lot but I cant seem to pee or only little amount of pee comes out and my vagina itches. then For him I gave him a blow job a week later and he starts to have the urge to pee and a pimple appears on his penis. 4 Answers I got myself to squirt the other night but now that everytime I try I cant...Some women who squirt insist they're doing more than peeing.

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The issue here is the idea that there's some sort of "true" ejaculate — defined by the presence of an enzyme that characterizes ejaculation. That decision was based on aversion to urolagnia, a form of sexual excitement inspired by urine, which the U.

This is an example of androcentrism in sexual science — reminiscent of the movement to call the clitoris a "female penis." The question "is it cum or is it pee?

5 Answers why is it that everytime my boyfriend and I have sex I feel like I need to pee real bad, and I think I do but the thing is that it doesnt smell like pee it smells way defferent and no it does not stink Please help???

Srry I ask so many questions.just this is a great source of information.!!! & Plus, his thing was huge so maybe that's what caused it. My boyfriend and I have phone sex but we never can ge me to squirt...

and as soon as I am done peeying I have to pee again. Help I dont know if I should go to the hospital or what..I know is it hurts so bad. I can pee then before I even stand up from the toilet I have to pee again !