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The reason is there’s no substitute for interaction with live models.

Think about it…webcam is killing the old porn industry because people prefer the experience of interacting with live models over watching pre-recorded porn. Let’s talk about what it takes to be successful in this business. To be successful, you’ll need: Notice, the common variable for all of these is “Lots of Models”.

A typical studio might run an ad on Craigslist and recruit five or ten models during the first week. Out of the ten who sign up, perhaps half will actually complete the sign up process, so now they’re down to five models.

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Right there is where most studios give up and this is what separates the winners from the losers.

The winning studio operator knows in advance that he or she needs to recruit 100 models to get one good model.

A white label site is a fully functional cam site where models can broadcast from, members can sign up and interact with models, and new models and studios can register.

We build and host this site at no cost whatsoever to you.

However, now that everyone carries around video recorders in their phones, the value of recorded porn has dropped like a stone and some have predicted the demise of the porn industry.