Advice to young man dating unwed mother

I am advocating for and empowering people to make those choices through looking at the truth through understanding equal value and the true definition of love.

and this is a valid question; I know that there are lots of grown up children out there that hurt and even abuse their parents and I am not an advocate for that treatment but my question is always “Where did it start?

My parents are not interested in looking at their part in any of this which is their choice but I decided that I also had a choice.

french ladies dating - Advice to young man dating unwed mother

I am a mother to 3 children, 2 of whom are adults but I am not a hurt mother. My writing is about what happened to me, how I faced it, the truth about the way I have come to understand it, all the things I tried and how they didn’t work, and finally I write about what did work and how I healed and overcame the dysfunctional family system that had done so much damage to me in the first place. I DO take the side of the child because that is where I found healing for myself.

I took MY side but more importantly I took the side of the truth.

The child (as long as they are children) doesn’t bear any responsibility or contribute to the success of that relationship.

The foundation for success of the relationship is up to the parents.

This writer mentions that there is ‘balance’ which in this case I read it as balance when it comes to the blame.