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Sources connected with Mariah say the executives falsely told her the earpieces were on a different frequency and would work once she was on stage as part of a dastardly plan to create car-crash TV, TMZ reported.And despite a troubled interview earlier with host Ryan Seacrest, in which Mariah said she couldn't hear what the host was saying, she pressed on with her performance commitment anyway - with disastrous results.And when we asked if she saw a future, she replied: "I don’t know, we'll see. If he's a good boy, maybe." We think that means a definite yes.

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But one doesn't tend to throw bottles in the faces of one's friends and acquaintances, so we had a chat with Aisleyne (who's just released a free fitness app, BTW) to find out more about this potential romance.

"We're good friends and we spend time together when our schedules allow it," she told us.

He told Daily Star: "We got to talking and we both had empty schedules that evening so we went out Saturday night. They've both said they do like each other and would be eager to see each other again in the outside world.

Since leaving the house, however, it's unclear whether anything is happening between Chloe and Bear now the show is over.

Mother-of-one Hatice Koc'un (pictured inset and left) was among those murdered during the attack.