Birth control and dating questions to ask a man before dating him

The level of detail that went into the history of the argument against any and all forms of birth control (generally the Catholic position), was astounding and far more in-depth than the original sermon allowed. And I’m very glad that Driscoll emphasizes that point.

What I appreciated most throughout the chapter was Driscoll referring back to the choice of method (with the general exception of abortion) as a matter of conscience, specifically relating to sex within the marriage (which necessary to note since it’s the only biblically acceptable place for sex). Undoubtedly, the most controversial option is abortion.

In this chapter, Driscoll addresses five types of birth control: None, natural, non-abortive (barrier methods), potentially abortive, and abortive murder.

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The interesting thing is that what he says in this chapter is bang on (although I think that those who believe that masturbation when traveling is helpful might be kidding themselves), but the way he says it…

sometimes I’m not so sure that it’s most appropriate.

, released in June, 2009, through Crossway and RE: Lit.

This post will be dealing with three subjects from the book: Birth control, sexual sin, and dating.

Because there is a great deal of contention surrounding the various birth control that exist, it is one that requires delicacy.

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