Dating teacher college

They are witnessed kissing in Martin's playhouse by Bart.

Principal Skinner then sends Bart to relay a message to Edna in front of his classmates who laugh at him, making him furious.

At the close of the episode, a disclaimer appeared on screen which stated – "What our fans have joined together, let no writer rip asunder".

In "Bart's Friend Falls in Love", while the children are watching a Sex Ed film, she says to the children in disgust, "She's faking it".

Also, when asked by Nelson Muntz about why she does not live with "Mr.

In "Bart Gets a 'Z'", she is fired from teaching after getting drunk (Bart spiked her coffee) and decides to open a muffin store.

She is later rehired when the substitute teacher gets drunk.

In season 17 ("The Seemingly Never-Ending Story"), a flashback showed that Krabappel was in a serious relationship with Moe Szyslak when she first moved to Springfield, before meeting Skinner or even becoming a teacher.