Entp dating

Entp dating

So what can we make of that as one isolated example of a supposed ENTP and his love life over many years? ESTJ - This was great for all the verbal sparring but eventually her "I have to go to college and trust my life to God" attitude kinda got to me, despite her brilliant wit. (Also seemed to prefer guys who were significantly less intelligent than she for the easy control, so this didn't work out too well with me because we were pretty mentally on par and that's what it made exciting for me.) ISTP - Umm I lost my virginity to her and sex was really novel on its own at the time.

She translated Newton's Principia into French and wrote a clear summary of Leibnizian ideas.

So it looks like the types I have not dated as of yet are: ISFJ, ESFJ, INFJ, INTJ and ENTP.

Somehow I doubt an SFJ would work out very well for me, but ENTP may not be the only option...

I guess that's why socionics call this one the "illusory" relationship.