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The architecture of Çemberlitaş bath attracts not only travelers and locals, but many Turkish & foreign researchers, universities, photographers, filmmakers, media professionals and students also study this magnificent structure.

A visit to Çemberlitaş hamam can be one of the best Turkish bathing experiences under the huge dome.

Floating gently through canals that have been used for over 2,000 years, one envies the ancient Maya who once inhabited this unusually tranquil place.

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The architecture, with rounded edges on its pyramid and other buildings, and its proximity to protected Caribbean waters makes it an interesting contrast in comparison to some of the more exacting architecture of the inland sites.

Archaeologists are currently researching the role of Muyil as an inland seaport which connected with the Caribbean via the Punta Allen Peninsula.

A wide (ancient road) stretches from the temples to the lagoon.