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Troops fighting against the terror group have been left with appalling injuries - including agonising blisters on their skin and badly damaged lungs - in a frightening echo of warfare in the trenches on the Western Front.Ingredients to make these bombs are fairly common and easy to obtain, as most of them have other, legal uses.

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Since then she has appeared in publications such as Zoo Weekly and posed for FHM; she is often seen posing in these magazines with Natalie Denning. Pope is currently filming the movie Clubbing to Death with Craig Charles, Nick Moran, Huey Morgan & Dave Courtney, due for release in 2007.

Prince Harry's actress girlfriend Meghan Markle did the Hollywood portfolio shoot as a 22-year-old in 2003 - eight years before she got her big break with television legal drama Suits.

Ben Wallace (inset), a Home Office minister, said that exercises are being carried out to prepare for such an atrocity.

ISIS has the capabilities to produce their own mustard gas, having already used the tactics in the Middle East.

As a sophomore in 2007, she was the runner-up for the women's Hermann Trophy and the Pac-10 Player of the Year.