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In Figure 9 you can see how the shell can be used to deny the right to open the GAL named Community Day Organizers to the universal security group called Community Day Attendees.

This article shows how to manually update the Global Address List (GAL) in Outlook (version 2010 and above).

The Global Address List is a directory of contact information that is stored in a central place called the Exchange Server.

Figure 1: Overview Address Lists If you are considering creating additional Global Address Lists (GALs), there are a few things to keep in mind: A reason for creating multiple GALs would be if your Exchange organization supports multiple companies, where you want to make sure users can only see other recipients from the same company.

To create a new GAL, you need to use the Exchange Management Shell cmdlet New-Global Address List, and define a name for the GAL using the parameter Name.

In my Exchange organization, there are currently three GAL. Table 1: GAL Permissions You can use Adsi Edit to take away the permission from the group Community Day Attendees to open the GALs Default Global Address List and Community Day Organizers.