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It is an annual sojourn, delayed this year by Ramadan.With temperatures reaching 110F in Kuwait, Qatar and Abu Dhabi, the ruling families have flocked to the temperate if polluted air of Knightsbridge for shopping and leisure.Most of these people are anonymous, but she knows that Harrow and Oxford-educated Bo Guagua, son of disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai – currently on trial for corruption – had a luxurious lifestyle when he studied in Britain, including an apartment in South Kensington.

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Nobody, said his spokesman, pays attention to it – except of course the Russian ‘oligarchs who have bought Chelsea’.

London takeover: Every summer young Arab men spend thousands flying their motors over to the UK for their annual London holiday ahead of Ramadan, including this Qatari-registered £350,000 Lamborghini Aventador The tide of foreign wealth seems unstoppable.

Nothing better illustrates the extraordinary influx of foreign money than London property.

Behind the well-protected walls of Campden Hill in the heart of Kensington lies one of London’s most expensive and historic houses.

Alina Blinova runs Rustyle, which she describes as an events management, PR and lifestyle company.

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    Kaley Cuoco brought that same kind of unassuming charm to the role of Penny in [The Big Bang Theory](series:200751), a show which earns Cuoco a whopping million per episode.

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    That depends on how deeply that common interest matters to you, says Aditi Paul, an assistant professor at Pace University, who studies online dating.

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    You can even share or find whatsapp numbers to meet new people.

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    Book Stores: Book stores can be a great place to meet a potential date. You might learn something new and you might find a date in the process!