Who dating who

I love a man that knows what he wants - someone who isn't afraid to act out his fantasies with me.

Indeed some women expect it; perhaps even think that if he doesn’t pay for her he is not interested. Some women would rather not he paid on the first date, some don’t like receiving flowers and chocolates and so on. In short, the answer to who should pay for the first date is: it depends on you, your values, who and how you attract who you do.

Sometimes it’s simply because you have rigid expectations, like ‘he must pay on the first date’, ‘she should kiss me after 3 dates’ etc., that stop you from meeting the right person.

I would be worth it, I promise:) I like to keep the open chat a clean, fun and friendly place to hang out for all people. If you wanna join the conversation you are more than welcome.

So this are some minimum rules I would like all to follow: -Emotes- Use them moderately. "Show tits","Show ass" do not count as conversation.

Your MASTER, or your SLAVE, your LOVER or YOUR FRIEND.