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Diedrick: I think that’s one of the greatest characteristics about Chad, that he doesn’t judge.

So how could Massey assume the role of an already-dead character?

It wouldn't be the first time that a DAYS character defied death.

Smith: Oh, you mean that one that says, “I’ve been with Sonny? Diedrick: They seem to have their heads on straight. The Montague, Capulet thing, it’s like who cares anymore?

Obviously Molly and I are going to be a little more quirky because we spend so much time together. How are Chad and Sonny different from the prior generations of their family?

Fans then wondered if the show might be bringing its wildly popular couple of Will and Sonny -- affectionately know as "Wil Son" -- back into the fold.

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    On May 12, 1990, at the age of 42, she graduated from the University of Houston - Clearlake with a Bachelor of Science Degree. In later years she enjoyed writing speeches and speaking to women at church retreats and Ladies' Days.

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    On the bottom of the seal also bordering the inner aspect of the rope circle appear the words INCORPORATED 1832.

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