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For 32-bit users, or those using a different browser or firewall, you will have to adapt any specifics.

This document does not discuss Windows Server 2012, or any server product. Having more than one real-time anti-virus application or security suite installed will compete with other anti-malware product(s), and can cause severe performance problems and system stability issues, and may limit the effectiveness of the products installed.

Finally, a full scan can find malware missed by the quick scan. The decision to run a full scan is a personal preference. However, there is no reason to leave the computer on overnight.

A full scan will “deep” scan every file on your system, including archive files (i.e. You might choose to run a full scan once per month, or before a complete backup. Leave the setting at the default of 3am, and turn off the computer normally.

Windows 8 64-bit, and Windows Defender as integrated into Windows 8.